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Kyle and Rocket Buster.I love beginnings...

At Old Sole Boot Company, each pair of boots you purchase is a new beginning. Vintage cowboy boots are an attitude and a lifestyleónot just a fashion statement. We specialize in vintage and much-loved cowboy boots for men and women, boots that are cool, fashionable, comfortable and fun. We like to call them "boots with a colorful past"!  Though cowboy boots make up the majority of our inventory, we sometimes come across other great boots that we just can't resist and you will find them here too.  We're always on the hunt for classic, chic, unique and distinctive boots to offer our customers.

I believe the style, quality and craftsmanship embodied in a pair of great vintage cowboy boots is something to behold with awe. The amazing intricacy of the stitching patterns, the suprisingly vivid colors of the inlays and overlays, the one of a kind tooling are all a part of what we find totally irresistible about these unique works of wearable art.

Join us in our celebration of great boot-making artisanship by proudly wearing these fantastic vintage cowboy boots!

- Kyle


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