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Mascara and Vintage Cowboy Boots


While still reeling from the staggering blow that my hairdresser was retiring, I was dealt yet another cruel blow recently... my favorite mascara has been discontinued.  Yes, you heard me right, discontinued.  First, let me tell you that I used Cover Girl Marathon Mascara faithfully for about 10 yrs previously, and when it was discontinued without even a thought for how it would affect me, I didn't leave my house for a week.  I was in mourning.  Once I came out of the fog, I ran to every store in town and bought the last ones they had on clearance...some not even in my color!!  Then, when those were exhausted, I went online and started hunting for it.  Over the next six months, I was able to purchase probably 30 more of them (at inflated prices, of course).  When I had used all of those up, I went to the internet again to locate some.....and they were about $25 apiece by that time.  I bought one....yes, color me totally addicted...and then started 'interviewing' other brands.  FYI...I just went to Ebay to see if there were even any still available there and, I kid you not, there are and the prices range from $45.79 to $140.00.  I cross my heart I'm telling the truth!  If any of you are ever looking for about 30 different mascara products that have been 'gently used' (as in ONCE), let me know....I have an entire drawer full of 'one less-than-a-hit wonders'.  Maybe I should start selling them on my Old Sole website...hey, that's an idea.  Anyway back to how I went from my earlier mourning into my current mourning... I finally found another brand of mascara that I was able to ease into, as I knew I had to give up the ghost of CG mascara sometime.  I've used it for the past year and now, without even a thought for how devastated I would be yet again, it's gone too.  There ought to be a website or some other place to go to 'register' products you use that you cannot live without.  And, then, when a manufacturer is considering discontinuing it, they have to go to that list, collect all the names and notify everyone who has registered that product one year prior to it's demise.  That way, after all the counseling I have to go through, I know I have one year to travel the world over and buy up all of that product I can find left on the shelves....maybe even order a few cases of it for safe keeping.  I realize I would be in competition with all of the rest of the people who had registered their addiction to the product, but at least I'd have a fair shot at it.  Someone either comes up with that 'clearing house' or I'm gonna have to start going every week to Walmart, Target, Belk, Cavenders, Dillards, J. Jill, and every other store I ever shop for anything in and see if there are markdowns for any of my favorite products that might signal they are being discontinued!  How else is a girl to know a thing like that?  You will noticed that I have not mentioned what brand I had finally settled on...there's a reason for that.  Right now, I'm scouring the world for all of the remaining product left on the shelves and online so I can buy up a large quantity of it before it's $140 on Ebay.  At my age, I'm thinking that about five cases of it might last me until I"m 'discontinued' too.
There are two lessons to be learned from all of this that I see.  The first is the universal lesson that we never know who or what could be gone from our lives tomorrow and we very seldom get a second chance to say how much they mean to us (or in this case, to buy up enough of it to last the rest of our lives).  So, make sure you tell the people in your life that are important to you how much you love them every chance you get. 
The second lesson is that there are some very special things in life that become even more precious when they are gone.  Cover Girl Marathon mascara may be one of them, but vintage cowboy boots are certainly another.   If you need more convincing than just my word on it, pick up Jennifer June's amazing book, "Cowboy Boots, The Art of the Sole" and flip to the vintage cowboy boots section.  The entire book will have you mesmerized with the rich history and stunning photographs, but linger awhile over the vintage boots by Stewart Romero, Olsen-Stelzer Boot Company, Acme, Abraham Rios and Lee Miller, Texas Traditions.  If you didn't understand where my love of vintage cowboy boots came from before now, you surely will after you spend some time with this very special book. 












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