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The Princess in our Kingdom

Normally, words fly out of my mouth or off my fingertips in a frenzy...give me a cause or an audience and you can't hold me back.  But the birth of my beautiful new granddaughter Lucy has, in many ways, left me speechless.  Every time I sit down to write about her birth, it seems I am overcome with emotion.  I wanted to write this blog the day she was born, but my thoughts would most likely not have made any sense then.  And even now, nearly two months later, the right words still escape me.

Lucy was born on December 3, 2012 at 1:08 pm, weighing in at 6 lbs 10 ozs.  I arrived the previous day, as my daughter was being admitted to the hospital that evening with the anticipation of Lucy's arrival the next day.  Since she was taking her own sweet time getting here, the doctor was going to give her the 'hurry up' on the 3rd.  My son arrived the same day, so he and I were going to be babysitting the house and Murphy overnight that night.  Murphy is the kids' first 'child' and one of my 'granddogs' , a very cute furry little guy who had no earthly idea how his world was about to change too.  If I said I could hardly sleep that night, I would be totally minimizing how excited I was for Lucy to get here.  Next morning, my son and I hurried to the hospital, wanting to see my daughter and son in law before things got too busy there that we wouldn't be able to share a few of their last moments before becoming parents.  I knew it would just kill me to see my daughter in a lot of pain during labor, so I had been praying for it to be short and for Lucy to take mercy on her Mom and not drag it out too long.  Things had already been placed in motion when we got there, but we had several hours to spend with the kids and my son-in-law's parents.  You don't get to pick your inlaws in life, but sometimes the ones who are picked for you are just the best you could ever hope for.  That's the way we feel.  My daughter most likely got tired of us all looking at the monitor and telling her when her labor pains were coming and going and how bad they she didn't know herself!...but she was really nice to us about it anyway.  As my daughter works at the hospital, she had many 'visitors' throughout the morning and it seemed she got waited on hand and foot!  When lunchtime came and no Lucy yet, my son and I decided to go across the street to Panera and grab a bite to eat.  When we got back, Andy's parents would take their turn.  Talk at lunch was about nothing but little Lucy, of course, and we hurried back to the hospital, hoping she was finally getting ready for her entrance.  As I stood in the parking garage waiting on my son to park the car, I looked at my phone and was amazed to see a message from my son in law that had been left at 12:56 pm saying "Get back now!"  Oh, first thought was that something was terribly wrong and my heart started pounding so loudly I could hear it in my ears.  I grabbed my son and we ran for the elevator.  When the doors opened on the  maternity floor, I saw Andy's parents sitting in the waiting room leisurely reading and I blurted out 'What happenned?".  They were as surprised as I when they looked at their own phone and had a like message there also...bad cell phone coverage had kept all of us from knowing there was something we needed to rush back for 20 minutes earlier!  We ran to their room, knocked and started in the door when someone called out "Wait a minute"....but I already had the door open wide enough to see past the curtain and into the room.  I will never in my life forget the scene....a large number of medical professionals all scurrying around one very special litle girl and her parents beaming in the background.  And her crying....I will never forget that little sound.  All the sudden, the bottom dropped out and all I could think was that she was here...finally...she was here.  There are no words really to explain how I felt the first time I held her....but at that moment, I know my heart was jump-started into a life long love affair.

Now, looking back on that day, I have more perspective.  And I ask myself...."How unbelievably easy was that?  All I had to do was go to Panera to catch a bite to eat for about 45 minutes and when I got back, my granddaughter was there!!"  What a breeze!  No, seriously, I have had time to reflect and it has come to me that little Lucy is like a custom pair of cowboy boots.   (You knew something about boots was coming, so don't act so surprised!)  Stay with me here a minute....Obviously, her parents didn't 'buy off the rack', they instead chose to craft a unbelievably beautiful pair of 'custom boots'.  She has the finest skin, the most devilish eyes,  a captivating smile, a heavenly little nose, tiny little intricate ears, amazing little fingers and toes, and a delightful personality all her own.  Doesn't that bring to mind a beautiful pair of custom made Rocketbuster boots?  Think about it....the finest leather, the devilish stitching, the captivating toe bug, the heavenly foxing, the intricate inlays and overlays, the amazing collar and the delightful combination of it all.  I don't know about you, but I see some very distinct similarities there!  My only hesitation in sharing that with you is that I know someday, my daughter and her husband will tell her that her Grandmother compared her to a pair of custom made Rocketbuster boots.  Once she gets to know me though, she'll understand how much that means I love her!

And love her, I do....she is the light of my life.  She is now a part of the air that I breathe....she is the Princess in our kingdom.  Little Lucy....



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