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Let's talk about me and my addiction to magazines...

"Hello, my name is Kyle and I'm a magazine-aholic" already knew I was a boot-aholic, but you probalby didn't know I am also a magazine-aholic.  Not of the junky magazine...the cool ones.  LIke Mary Janes Farm, Vintage Style, Cowboys and Indians, Do It Yourself, Cowgirl, Romantic Country, Oklahoma Today, Western Horseman, Country Living, Fresh Cottage, Flea Market name only a few.  I can sit for hours just looking through magazines, both old and new, just dreaming and scheming.  I fold down the corners of the pages that show projects I'd love to tackle, clothes and accessories I want to wear, recipes I'd love to make, quotes I want to copy, websites I plan to look up and businesses I want to research.  The racks and piles of magazines in my houses are evidence of my addiction.  Thank goodness, last time I checked, it wasn't against the law, bad for your health, hazardous to your relationships and you couldn't gain weight from wiling away the hours looking through magazines. 

I  thought it would be fun to share with you some of the 'fold downs' in my latest magazines and I'd love to hear your comments on my choices. 

Vintage Style has a feature article called "Home on the Range", which is all about one of my new passions...Sisters on the Fly!  Loved seeing pictures of some of their vintage trailers, darling interior decorating ideas with a western flair and even a recipe for Sinfully Simple Fruit Cobbler.  I personally know some of the ladies and their trailers that are featured becasue I am one of the over 3,000 Sisters in the SOTF group.  Our mottor is "We have more fun than anyone"...and we do!

In Mary Jane's Farm, I loved City Farmgirl, Rebekah Teal's column about grit.  "Moxie, tough, spunky, 'don't mess with me' true grit".  When you look up 'spunky' in the dictionary, be prepared to see her picture there!  If you haven't picked up one of Mary Jane's magazines, I think you will be pleasantly is appropriately deemed the The Everyday Organic Lifestyle Magazine.  With stories of raising chickens, repurposing old baking sheets into message boards, braiding garlic, glamping (which, if you have been buried under a rock for the past few years and haven't heard, is glamour camping), organic cotton and awesome recipes, her magazine will definitely be one to keep....I believe in recycling, but you won't want to pass this one on!






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