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Meet me underneath the Oklahoma Sky!!


Last Friday after work,  I jumped in the car and headed straight across the Oklahoma border to meet a very special friend for the weekend in Oklahoma City.  Wow, if I had scripted it, it couldn't have been better!   (Last time I made a mad dash through Oklahoma, I got up to the un-manned toll booth and didn't have exact I threw everything in my coin purse, along with everything I found under the driver's seat, into the bin and put my foot to the floor and ran.  It appears the wayward bobby pin clogged up the machine and it was still going up and down in a frenzy when I came back through the other side several hours later!  I'm still waiting on them to come arrest me for that one!!)  But, as I was saying, this trip was absolutely the 'bestest'!! 

Friday night, Lucky and I had dinner at the Iguana Mexican Grill on 9th of his favorite restaurants from years gone by, but my first time there.  It was absolutely perfect and the hype leading up to it was not off base.  Loved the atmosphere, the food was sensational and the company was so worth the wait.    

On Saturday morning, we headed out the door to Guthrie....I wasn't blindfolded, but it was a total surprise to me where we ended up.  I had never been there before and had no idea the history surrounding the city.  Guthrie was the territorial and later the first state capital for Oklahoma. The Guthrie Historical District has been designated a National Historic Landmark and is full of an outstanding collection of late nineteenth and early twentieth-century commerical architecture.  Guthrie originated in 1887 as an old railroad station and the depot is still there.  The plaque in front of it indicates that one of the routes that came in and went out of the ATSF station was from Arkansas City, Kansas.  My Grandpa was an engineer for ATSF and went from Emporia to Arkansas City all the time.....I had to wonder if he ever took someone else's route and drove on to Guthrie and into this beautiful old depot...there's a whole other family mystery that I could tell about that, but that's for another time....remind me! 

There are two very special things about the day that stand out and are forever etched in my memory.  The first is this....Lucky and I both love antiquing and 'junkin'.  So, I came up with the idea that we each have $10 to spend on the other one while we are exploring....that means $10 that we use to purchase something that we think the other one will really love as a souvenier from the trip together.  Could be something from an antique mall, a Quick Shop, doesn't matter.....but it's the new tradition.  Lucky's take home was a Gene Autry 8 track tape and an old wild rag from the 1889 land rush.  Mine, and I can't tell you how much I LOVE It, was the most beautiful old suitcase you can imagine!  I have been wanting one to make a coffee table out of, but I'm not sure I can let this one be subjected to all the poking and prodding it would take.....this one if my baby now!  So special!!

The other amazing thing about the day was this... As we were driving the streets downtown, I saw a sign hanging on a building down the street ahead of us and said, "Hey, wait, is that a BOOT on that sign??????".  Lucky said, 'You know, I think it is" and he pulled on down the block and right up to the curb in front of the sign.  You will never know how excited I was when I looked at the sign over the door of the building...."Dorwart Cowboy Boots".  Ray is an exceptional bootmaker and here I was right in front of Ray Dorwart's shop!!  I did all but jump up and down.....wait, actually, I DID jump up and down....Lucky got quite a kick out of my reaction, I think, and then started taking pictures through the window for me of all the boots in different stages of being made, rows of lasts, old pictures and western memorabilia, vintage boots and bolts of colorful leather....I gotta tell you, I know I drooled on the windows, but I couldn't help myself!  The shop was closed, though a sign on the door indicated that he opens on Saturdays with prior appointments.  The next time I am in Guthrie, I know I will have an appointment made to meet Ray in person and to tour his awesome just exudes history and even through the door, I could imagine that I smelled the leather.  I was just in seventh heaven standing there on the street...I can only imagine that my heart will stop when I actually get to be inside this amazing shop and meet Ray Dorwart in person!  (Oh, and did I mention here's what Ray says on his webpage....."Store bought boots are like canned biscuits - they are easily obtainable and will satisfy the customer's immediate needs. Our boots take a while longer to reach you because they are made like a Winchester '73- each one a little better than the one before."   Makes me want to meet him even more!!)

There is a popular saying, "Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."  About a year before my Mother passed away, my cousin sent her a little sign for her room with those words. The sign is still hanging there today.  I think she knew that was true her whole life.  Me....I'm a bit slower to come around sometimes....and I didn't really learn the truth in that until these last few years of my life. Sometimes, we are blessed even further and there are many, many moments like that strung together.  For all the reasons I mentioned, and for so many more that I have not, last weekend was one of those times.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Thinking about it now can still take my breath know.




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