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Andrea Glenn and The Rusty Rose pay Old Sole a visit!!


I was in Wichita Falls, Texas doing a trade show when Kyle asked me to guest blog.  I was flattered as I read her message quickly off my phone.  Technology is a great thing; you can almost run a business off your phone some days.  My life is a whirl wind of unpacking and packing right now, as Iím on the go constantly.

Iím Andrea, owner of The Rusty Rose Boutique in Plainview, Texas.  I started out doing shows with my trailer that I converted into a little store on wheels. I would go almost anywhere you could imagine to do a show, and it worked out perfect for me to do on the weekends while I still had my full time job.  My business really took off and I was having a hard time juggling everything.  In the back of my mind, I had a plan filled with short and long term goals, and things just happened a lot quicker than I expected.  Long story short, I went for it and opened my store a year ago this September.

My motto is to ďmake heads turnĒ.  I try to always keep that in mind when I buy at market or put outfits together for our customers.  I donít limit the store to one style or trend and try to carry a little of everything for our customers, in all price points.  We get new things in weekly and I try to keep shopping with us fun.  

On a personal style note, I LOVE fashion.  I realize that a lot of girls say that, but I truly do.  Every since I was young, I have loved to put outfits together that would make you stand out and be different.  During college, I would go to thrift stores to shop for clothes.  The joys of being a poor college kid!  I still get a thrill when someone compliments me on a blouse that I spent $2 on.  I love high fashion and designer lines, but have no shame doing a little bargain shopping and mixing and matching.  I always have, and always will, love turquoise and I always have, and always will, wear cowboy boots!  I absolutely love mixing cowboy boots with a modern look.

I still do shows at least once a month, and we're constantly working on making our online store better to help with are growing business.  I spend every day trying to grow, get better and bigger and make our customers look fabulous!

Donít wait for the trends, set the trends.  XOXO Andrea


*****QUICK PERSONAL NOTE FROM ME....I feel so blessed to have met Andrea when I was just getting ready to start my business!  She has graciously given me advice, encouragement and fashion ideas since the very first time we talked!  If you find yourself in Plainview, Tx, be sure to stop in her store at 2302 W. 5th.  But, if you can't make a road trip this weekend, you can enjoy the fashion extravaganza (I love that word!!) at her online store right now!  Check out the beautiful pictures below....these are all of Andrea!  I fell in love with the hat she is wearing in the middle picture and tried to talk her out of it, as many others have done too.  She made it herself from a hat that had been her husband's...don't you just love it???!!!!  Thank you, Andrea, for your inspirations and your support!! See you at Petticoats on the Praire in Colorado City, TX on October 19-20, 2012, my friend!


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