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The Princess and her Grandmother

I think I've announced this to almost everyone in this part of the world, but if you've been hiding under a rock somewhere and missed it, let me share the wonderful news with you now....I'm going to be a grandmother!!  I'm going to have a beautiful, intelligent, funny, compassionate, 'attitude infused' little granddaughter in the next few months and I'm over the moon excited about it!

My oldest daughter and her husband are making plans every day, anxiously awaiting the day their little girl makes her entrance onto the scene and into all of our hearts.   I know they will be wonderful parents, of that, I have no doubt.  My daughter has been preparing for this her whole life, though she probably doesn't even realize it.  From the day she was born, she was helping raise me.  I was only 18 when she was born (hard to believe since I'm only 35 now!!) and I can honestly say I knew nothing at all about being a mother.  She wasn't raised by wolves, but she was raised by a very ill-prepared  young mother who looked to her for strength and guidance as much or more than she ever looked to me for those things.  When she was eight, her brother arrived...and one year later, her sister followed.  From day one, she was more than their sister....she was their other mother.  She was the more patient mother...the one who listened more closely....the one who gave them more credit and praise than I did sometimes.  She doled out understanding, but always held then accountable.  She was, and is, their best friend, just as she is mine.  This may be the first child for she and her husband, but she's had years of mothering experience already.   I know there are days she will be worried, days she will be frustrated or apprehensive, days she will look at the clock and realize it is 6:00 at night and her hair is still unbrushed, she is still wearing vomit on her shoulder and she forgot to thaw anything out for dinner.  But those are all  things every new Mother experiences and I feel certain she and her wonderful husband will go through them together with laughter and occasional tears. 

I sit and think alot now about what kind of Grandmother I will be to The Princess.  And I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I'm destined to be the Grandmother with the 'big hair' and 23 bottles of fingernail polish for Saturday afternoon manicures together, the closet full of petticoats/jewelry/high heels that we can play dress up in (wonder which one of us will like it more), the purse full of 'illegally" smuggled in Scor candy bars and soft cherry licorice at the movies (they never have this cool of candy at the movies!!), the "pretend" microphone in the console of the car so we can turn the radio up and sing when we are on road trips together (hope she likes George Strait and Lee Brice!) , the little vintage trailer in the backyard where we can wear tutus and tiaras while we have tea partie,s and the 100 cookbooks (yes, 100) that we can look through together and plan what 'us big girls' want to make to eat today (might be french toast, root beer floats and hot fudge sundaes, but Mom and Dad don't have to know).  And, I'll likely be the Grandmother in the peacock leggings on the sidelines at her first Play Day at school, the Grandmother in a leopard print dress on the front row at her first school Christmas Program, the Grandmother in the stands yelling the loudest in my Junk Gypsy tshirt at her first T-ball game, and the Grandmother wearing a pair of green lizard cowboy boots at her first dance recital.  And, there is NO doubt I"ll be the Grandmother buying her the cutest little cowboy boots any little Princess ever had!  Kinda thinking we'd look good in these 'matching' boots...what do you think?



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