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Sin on Wheels!!

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Put something in, put something else in, take something out, shift things around, check my list, throw my hands up, I need a volunteer!......this is me this morning, trying to pack my bags for a Sisters on the Fly "soiree" this next week.  Now the dictionary says a soiree is "a party or reception held in the evening"....let me tell you something, these ladies will be partying from the crack of dawn until way past midnight every night!  Though you usually think of partying being just alot of drinking (or so we did when we were younger), that is only part of the week long activities that are planned for the annual Giddy Up event in Branson, Missouri.  Zip lining, fly fishing and fly tying classes, loads of shopping, cigar smoking, swap meets, story telling, martini drinking, a trip to Eureka Springs for the Blues Festival and our own private concert by the Cates Brothers ( them!!), dutch oven cooking demonstrations, a night on the Branson Belle, bingo, block party with a band, and the ever exciting VINTAGE TRAILER TOUR!!  These trailers have been painstakingly restored and then stamped with the personality of each of their owners.  Honestly, I'd make the trip just for the tour!

If you aren't familiar with the Sisters on the Fly group, oh boy, have you missed something!!  Hurry, run over to their website at Sisters on the Fly right now!  I'll let the website speak mostly for itself, but I will share three things about them....their motto is "We have more fun than anyone" (and I can attest to that!)...there are only a few rules (1.  No men, 2.  Be nice, 3. No kids or pets...though my daughter is a member and will be coming with me too!) and these ladies love to run around in boots and petticoats (I call mine a tutu, cuz I'm a city girl turned country).  A girl like me who is a bootaholic and also loves to dress up...once I heard about it, I was in!!  Just call me Sister 2012...yes, there are over 2,500 of us!  I don't have my own trailer yet, but I'm gonna.  When I camp with the group now, I stay in a cabin but I get to hang out with the 'big girls' who do and live vicariously through them.  My plan is still the airstream for Old Sole Boot Company, so I'm still trying to figure out how to combine being able to sell out of it and also camp in it.  But, the campers these ladies have are phenominal...make sure you check out the pictures in the gallery section of the Sisters on the Fly'll fall in love with all of them, just like I did!

Well, I better get back to my packing cuz it isn't getting done on it's own.  Oh, and the volunteer I was looking for will be sitting on my suitcases so I can shut them......tutus take up alot of room, let me tell ya!

Stay tuned for details of my SOTF adventure...I might even leave in the sinful details!



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