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No trade, Lady Gaga!!

Fifteen handsome men made breakfast for me this, they didn't serve it to me in bed, but it was the next best thing!  My son is a fire fighter with the Hickory Creek Volunteer Fire Department in Lowell, Arkansas and today was their annual pancake feed.  What a way to start out my day.....pancakes soaked in butter and syrup, bacon and sausage, coffee and so many big strong handsome men to wait on me hand and foot!  I was in heaven, let me tell you!

On my way home, I stopped off at Cavender's Western Outfitters in Springdale to....can you guess?...look at their boots.  (You got it, you know me well!).  They have a great variety of boots in Lucchese, Anderson Bean, Ariat, Justin, Tony Lama, Corral and many other brands.  I had hoped to be able to try on a pair of the new Gypsy Soule boots by Ariat, but they don't carry them now.  So, instead, I tried on a pair of the new Anderson Bean patchwork boots.  I LOVE patchwork on boots and these are really pretty, but I think I'll hold out for a pair of full patchwork, not only on the foot.  I'd actually love a pair of the Rod Patrick patchwork boots in the turquoise and brown or the blue and brown combination.  Really nice boots.  While picking up and trying on boots there, something struck me though....I still like the look and feel of a pair of broken in boots better than a brand new pair.  I not only like  the feel of the worn leather, but I like the history that goes with them.  If it's not your own history and memories that you have to associate with your boots, make up a history!!  When you buy a pair of vintage boots at Old Sole Boot Company, we can create a history to go with them, or you can do it yourself....whatever it is, make it grand, make it special and make it yours!                                                  100 2714                      Lady Gaga boots

And, last but not least, I spent some time online this afternoon and came across an article about Lady Gaga and the boots that Tony Lama custom made for her.  So many bootmakers are getting in the game of designing boots for famous people and who can blame them....but Lady Gaga?? It was like a trainwreck...I couldn't help myself, I just had to peek and see what they looked like.  The pictures you see here are a pair of my own personal Tony Lama boots and the boots that Tony made for 'The Gaga'.  I know that I've been known to wear some pretty crazy fun cowboy boots, but I have no interest at all in the ones made specially for her.  In fact, if she ever saw my pair, I bet she'd be trying to get me to trade!!  Can you guess whose boots are whose?





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