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I'm an 'Excess Lover', not a hoarder!

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Am I a hoarder?  Well, I've been called one,  mostly by my children though.  The definition of hoarding,  per Wikipedia, is 'the gathering and storing of goods'.  For heaven's sake, with that definition, you could call a squirrel a hoarder for gathering nuts! Just because I collect blue and green colored glass and have it all over my kitchen, just because I have a large collection of old tarnished silverware and fiesta dishes of all colors displayed in my dining room, just because my shelves are tightly packed with books (inspirational, self-help, gardening, decorating, Michael Connelly novels, etc.....oh, and there might be some under my bed too!), just because I have counters covered with necklaces/bracelets/earrings, just because my house is filled with pictures of my wonderfully photogenic family, just because my closets are overflowing with an insane number of boots and tutus in every color (my Sisters in Sisters on the Fly call them 'petticoats'), just because I might have every old issue of Fleamarket Style/Country Living/Cowboys and Indians/Big Style/Country Home/ and other totally cool magazines, just because my extra bedroom is filled to the brim with beautiful tooled purses/cowboy hats/western shirts/western books, just because I have more cookbooks than is probably legal, just because.....just because....just because.  What is wrong with all of that?  This stuff is priceless!

The harm, I think, comes when you are a 'compulsive hoarder'.  Compulsive hoarding is what reality TV shows love to shock and disgust us with.  It is defined as 'a pattern of behavior that is characterized by the excessive acquisition and inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that would seemingly qualify as useless or without value".  Well, then, I think that settles it....I am NOT a compulsive stuff is NOT useless or without value!  My stuff is priceless!!  I am not a compulsive hoarder, I am simply and wonderfully an 'Excess Lover" and I'm proud of it. 

P.S.  Lynn Atkins,a reporter with our local newspaper, the Weekly Vista, interviewed me several weeks ago and wrote a really nice article about Old Sole Boots.  This picture is courtesy of the paper....thanks, Lynn!


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