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"The Pioneer Woman"'s iced coffee and Cowgirl Magazine!

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Last night, I decided to start cold dripping some coffee to make The Pioneer Woman's much talked about iced coffee recipe.  I could hardly sleep cuz I was so anxious to try it!   After cleaning up the mess it made this morning (she openly admits this happens in her new cookbook just out, "The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Food From My Frontier"), I mixed my first glass.  It's heaven, pure heaven!  Defnitely worth the time and effort, as well. as lost sleep!   I'm on my second glass now and I'm not sure this is my last one for the morning yet!

Have you see the new March/April 2012 issue of Cowgirl Magazine?  When I sat down with it, I felt like a kid looking at the old Sears catalog at Christmas time.  I wanted everything in it!  Not only did they feature stunning southwest jewelry by Darryl Becenti, a to-die-for Virgin of Guadalupe skirt by Roja and an embroidered bustier top by Mara Hoffman, but they premiered "Boots in Bloom" that just made my heart pound! Front and center was the new Indian Sugar Soule boot by Ariat and Gypsy Soule ($499.95)....totally rock 'n roll!  With the Ariat folks' boot know-how and the Gypsy Soule girls insight into fashion and attitude, these are just over the top cool.  My feet love the feel of a great pair of vintage boots, but I'm going to start saving my pennies cuz I doubt you will see these boots re-sold anytime soon!  I have 'equal opportunity' feet! 

In the Western Fashion Designer Insider column of the Cowgirl Magazine, designer Marrika Nakk said the #1 fashion item to update your look this spring is a pair of cowboy boots..."new ones, old ones or sprayed with gold ones"!!  We personally think a great pair of vintage boots, no matter who the bootmaker is, puts you front and center in any crowd.  Take a look around here at Old Sole Boots today....don't have a pair of gold boots, but we do have about every other color of the rainbow.  In fact, just think of us as your vintage Sears catalog! 

Ah oh, my glass is empty again.....




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