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Decadent Reward

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I have decided it's time for me to get back into shape.  I lost quite a lot of weight several years ago and then wrecklessly gained it all back, so it's time to get serious.  I signed up at a small work out place...I didn't say a 'gym', because it's actually a physical therapy facility that also allows you to pay and come use their equipment to work out.  No fancy gyms for me...I couldn't take seeing all the cute little men and women in their fashionable workout clothes, looking for all the world like they hadn't eaten in a week.  Not me...I'm goin' where the median age is 75 or 80 and no one's missed a meal in years!!  But, it's got equipment and an actual physical therapist to show me the ropes, so I think I'm good to go.

Headed there the first day, I called my oldest daughter for moral support.  I started the conversation with "My living will is all up to date and you have a copy of it.  Just wanted you to know, cuz I'm on my way to work out."  She got a laugh out of that, of course, then as I knew she would, she offered words of encouragement.  When I told her I was gonna stop at Sonic and get a cherry limeade on my way, she said "Mom, you can't get a cherry limeade!!  You won't even work it off when you work out today!  And you are rewarding yourself before you even work out??"  Wait......what????  I'm headed to a strenuous workout, where I'll sweat and huff and puff, probably even pull five or ten muscles, and I can't have a cherry limeade first???  Do I need to re-think this?  When I think she thought I might falter and change my mind on the whole deal,  she caved and said I could have a DIET cherry limeade instead.  I didn't even know they made them!   (Probably because I never think anything with the word 'diet' in the name will taste good....hence my weight gain!)  So, that's what I did....and it wasn't really that bad even, but I pouted the whole time I drank it.

Well, Josh, the physical therapist/trainer,  got me set up on a routine and I survived the first day of my commitment.  ( I was wondering if a different kind of 'commitment' might not be necessary when I found out no REAL cherry limeades are in my immediate future now!)  When I crawled home, I was proud of myself, I have to admit.  But, then I started thinking about how to reward myself for the hard work (You gotta have a reward for hard work, don't you??)  What I wanted was something soft and creamy, something super sweet, something rich, or something with a little bit of, I went into my closet and looked at my boot collection.  It's all there..... several pair of Lucchesese boots with soft creamy leather , Old Gringo boots that are so rich with beautiful stitching that they are priceless, Tony Lama boots with super sweet extra tall lime green shafts, a pair of vintage Acme boots with thunderbird inlays that can kick $ was all there...right in my closet.  A big piece of bread pudding with bourbon sauce couldn't have been better and my boots don't cost me any calories!!




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