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The Handsome Grey Haired Man Who Holds My Heart


I suppose I should clarify that....he doesn't really have grey hair, he has grey fur.  And his name is Jasper.  Jasper is a feral cat that I have been feeding for the past four years on the deck of my Father's shop. After getting to know him, I think he is what you would call an 'old soul'....and like the boots we sell here at Old Sole Boots, I feel certain he has a colorful past.  The term 'feral' gives way to several different definitions...he does not fit the 'ferociuos or brutal' part of the definition, but more the 'not domesticated or cultivated, wild" part. 

In the beginning, he appeared only for breakfast about 5:30-6:00 am each morning.  Then, he began coming back for dinner in the late afternoon.  In the past couple years, he started showing up at other times throughout the day and sunning himself on the deck until it was feeding time.  Jasper has disappeared several different times for a few days at a time, but always returns with no explanatination of where he has been.  For his part, he never speaks, though I keep up a running converesation wtih him which always ends with "Have a nice day and I love you."  You see, I fell in love with him almost from day one. 

My Mother passed away on Christmas Day 2010 and I miss her terribly every day.  She was a great cat lover and  always enjoyed watching Jasper out the sliding glass door while she sat at the dining room table.  She knew he was special.   And she knew I had never been able to get close enough to him to even touch him, let alone shower him with all the affection that I wanted to.  A week after she passed away, I went out early to feed him, and for the first time, he came up to the bowl as I was filling it with food.  I held my breath and slowly reached my hand out to touch him.  He looked up at me and then began to eat.  I couldn't help it, the tears just started to flow as I rubbed his neck...somehow, I knew this was my Mother's way of speaking to me, through Jasper.  Though there have only been a few times since then when he let me touch him, an even stronger bond formed between us after that.  

About ten days ago, Jasper appeared looking as though he had been in a fight.  Pretty worse for wear and his ear almost shredded. I knew getting him to a vet was not possible, as I'd tried to catch him in the past and he would have no part of it.  As several days passed, he looked worse and worse...surely an infection had set in at this point.  It just broke my heart and I tried to spend as much time being near him as I could.  And then, he was gone.  I felt certain this time he would not return.  I knew I should feel it was for the best if he was suffering and in alot of pain, but my heart just ached and alot of tears were shed. 

Then, three days later, Jasper quietly reappeared....again, no explanation, not looking much better but not looking any worse.  Someway, somehow, my old friend had once again made his way back.  Back to this place where he is loved.  Back to this place where he matters.  Back to this place he is home. 



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