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Amanda with Grace Boutique visits Old Sole Boots...How Exciting!!

Grace BoutiqueHello to all of you boot wearin',two steppin', vintage lovin' ladies and gents! My name is Amanda Glazner and I am the owner of Grace Boutique in Nacogdoches, TX! Kyle and I met under very unique circumstances. Very unique indeed! It was roughly 1:00 AM this past summer and I received a message from her! We were both starting new businesses and she found my shop by happy accident! We have been inseparable via cyber-space ever since. We tended to have panic attacks about our new adventures in the middle of the night and would exchange advice and breathing techniques to get us through the beginning stages [;)]

Kyle has asked me to give you a bit of background on GB as well as my take on "style." Grace Boutique has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl and it quite literally fell into my lap! I had graduated from TExas A&M (Whoop!) In Dec. of 2010 and went to work for a Agriculture Marketing and PR firm in Dallas. Let's just say after exactly 32 days, I learned everything that I DIDN'T want in a job, and tail tucked between my legs came crawling back to my tiny little hometown of Weches, TX. After giving myself 24 hours to wallow, i dug out the Grace Boutique business plan and headed off to the bank (one or two mishaps later!) I went to work July 14th and 5 months later, here I am! I knew I wanted GB to be southern in every sense of the word. It had to be girly and vintage, and above all classy. Every single piece of clothing and jewelry I find must meet all of those requirements! Coincidentally, my definition of style are all the things we just talked about! Style is being classy and knowing how to carry yourself. It is HOW you wear something, not WHAT you're wearing. Mix in a little Texas flair (my favorite currently being maxi dresses and vintage boots) and you have yourself the perfect formula. It's all about Class and Confidence ya'll.

I would be honored if all of you would head on over to our FB page   Grace Boutique facebook page  and check us out!

Live Gracefully,

Amanda Grace


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