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Here's how my Tuesday rolled....

263386 2237089654884 1477281368 3168653 3459199 aThere I was, heading out the back door of my part time job, humming a little song that had been running through my head all day and wearing a cute little pair of orange Liberty boots....and then I saw it.....a dent on the back driver's side of my car.  Really????  No way!!  (I knew it hadn't been there earlier because I had been to the body shop the previous afternoon to have an estimate for a little accident I'd been in on New Year's Eve day and they had taken pictures of all sides of my car and I'd been no place since.)  Knowing that we have about a zillion security cameras around the store, I ran back inside to see if one of them might have captured a picture of the culprit who hit my car and didn't even leave a note.  But, wouldn't you know it, a camera showed the car next to mine and all the rest down the line, but wasn't able to see my car. Go figure!   Since I didn't want to be late for the medical test I was heading to next, I said a few choice words under my breath and took off out of the parking lot. On the way, I called ahead to advise them I might be a couple minutes late now and was told they didn't show me having an appointment there.   But, they were kind enough to give me the address of an office bearing the same name (which was 10 miles away). GRRRRRR!  I got there, late and still a bit unnerved, just to be told I didn't have an appointment there either....WHAT????  I sat down and called my doctor's office then to ask where the heck they had referred me to for the test.  And, guess what?  I was told the initial place I had called was really the correct place, there had just been just a computer glitch of some kind.  Make that a double GRRRRRRR now!  And, they said I should head back the 10 miles to my appointment, as they had 'kindly agreed to wait on me' are kidding !!  So, I jumped back in the car and hit the road again...not a particularly happy camper now. (At this point, I was trying to remind myself that the quote of the day I had written on the wall at work earlier read something like this..."People are generally as happy as they choose to be."  I had to wonder if that still applied in a case like this!!)   I did eventually make it to the appointment and I did make it home without any more drama.  Thank goodness for small favors!

Oh, and did I mention the medical test I was heading to was my mammogram?????  Yep, that's how my Tuesday rolled!

- Kyle


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