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It's a Junkin4Jewels kind of day!

Junkin4Jewels  and Old Sole BootsLovin' my Junkin4Jewels! was just down right cold today!!  I looked out my window and saw poor Rocket and Buster (you remember them, my two pink flamingos) standing there in the yard, their poor skinny little legs,  knees knocking together in the wind....I felt like such a bad mother!!!  I suppose what they each needed was a nice warm pair of vintage cowboy boots to keep their feet and ankles warm! 

As cold as it was, I just fixed myself another cup of what I call 'white trash Barbie tea' (that's code for Lipton instant tea, NOT decaf, hot, with lots of sugar in it) and then I sat down at the computer to upload more great boots to the Old Sole Boots site.  It was so much fun!!  Every time I write the description and upload the pictures of another pair of boots, I just fall in love with them all over again.  I suppose that's why my kids told me I either needed to start selling them or I needed to get into a treatment program....obviously, I opted for selling them!

Just because, I wore one of my favorite shirts today...a cute little tie dye t-shirt from Junkin4Jewels.  Ever heard of them?  They are a wonderful little boutique, run by Lisa Patterson, that has a great selection of unique clothing, purses, belts and other fun, fun 'junk'.  I'm, personally, rather addicted to their jewelry!  Check them out on Facebook at Be sure and take a look at their photo section for just a little taste of 'junk heaven'!

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