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Blessings and Beauties

Kyle Cloutier's mother, Pat Carrothers, as a young girlKyle's mother as a young girl. (Click to enlarge.)

June 11, 2011, was a truly magical day that I will never forget. With family and friends surrounding them, my oldest daughter and her fiance were married overlooking the beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the happy couple was just radiant. (It was about 100 degrees outside, so some of the radiance might have been from the extreme heat, but I tend to think it was more from their pure happiness than anything else!) My daughter wore a pearl necklace and bracelet that had belonged to my Mother when she was a child, which made the day just that much more special, My Mother passed away six months prior and would have loved to have been there herself.  Tied around her bouquet, she also carried an old handkerchief of my Father's that had his initials, 'BB', embroidered on it.  In this way, she was able to have both of her grandparents there with her for her special day.

When you click on the 'Vintage Boots' page of our Old Sole Boots website, you will see a picture of my daughter there in her wedding dress, wearing her Grandmother's 'jewels'.  Here, I want to show you a picture of my Mother, wearing those same 'jewels'. Kasha and Mom....two of the most important people in my world.


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