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Missing the "Olden Days"

Fun with girlsLet me preface this by saying two things....first, I know what I'm going to say might be unpopular with many of you AND second, I love my FB, my cell phone (no, I don't have an IPhone cuz I know I would get too frustrated trying to work the darn thing!),my email and anything else that links me with my friends and family.  When the screen suddenly goes dark, my battery goes dead,  connections are lost, or any other technology tragedy strikes, I panic!  But....I also miss the olden days when valuable time spent with others didn't include various interruptions with bird calls, country music ballads, buzzers, and various other sounds our phones make to let us know we have someone else who wants our attention right now. 

I was in a restaurant recently, an upscale bistro that I love, when I looked around at the other tables of diners and had to shake my least 3/4 of the folks were either on their cell phone talking, texting, tweeting, playing games, listening to their iPod, watching a movie, snapping pictures or whatever else their handheld device had to offer.  And, I thought it was sad.  I miss the days when a dinner or shopping engagement meant you got your friend or family member's undivided attention for that special time you were together.  You carved out that time just for them and you weren't interrupted by a ringtone in the middle of sharing your life with that person, let alone them texting to someone while you were crying over a lost love, asking for parenting advice, sharing neighborhood gossip, tossing around new business ideas or talking about your favorite new movie.  When you are talking to someone and their eyes are fixed on their screen and their fingers are tapping away on the keyboard, it just kinda loses something to me.  I miss the eye contact and one-on-one connection that gets lost when there are so many others clamoring for your time. 

I know we are all busy people these days, and modern technology lets us keep in contact with our businesses, our kids, the news, etc 24/7....that's wonderful actually.  But consider time you want to share time with someone, be they either family, friend or even business associate, why not turn off your 'outside connection' and just enjoy the time one-on-one?  Let them know you care enough to make them 'number one', if even for the short time you are sitting there together.    Don't share the time with every one of your FB friends, your whole email contact list, or a reality show....just that person across the table from you. Memorize their smile, re-acquaint yourself with their laughter, just 'drink them in' .....and remember why you wanted to spend some special time with them in the first place.  You can never get those moments back, but you can sure scroll through your emails, posts and tweets when you get back in your car.  (But do it before you turn on the key!!)

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