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Mascara and Vintage Cowboy Boots


While still reeling from the staggering blow that my hairdresser was retiring, I was dealt yet another cruel blow recently... my favorite mascara has been discontinued.  Yes, you heard me right, discontinued.  First, let me tell you that I used Cover Girl Marathon Mascara faithfully for about 10 yrs previously, and when it was discontinued without even a thought for how it would affect me, I didn't leave my house for a week.  I was in mourning.  Once I came out of the fog, I ran to every store in town and bought the last ones they had on clearance...some not even in my color!!  Then, when those were exhausted, I went online and started hunting for it.  Over the next six months, I was able to purchase probably 30 more of them (at inflated prices, of course).  When I had used all of those up, I went to the internet again to locate some.....and they were about $25 apiece by that time.  I bought one....yes, color me totally addicted...and then started 'interviewing' other brands.  FYI...I just went to Ebay to see if there were even any still available there and, I kid you not, there are and the prices range from $45.79 to $140.00.  I cross my heart I'm telling the truth!  If any of you are ever looking for about 30 different mascara products that have been 'gently used' (as in ONCE), let me know....I have an entire drawer full of 'one less-than-a-hit wonders'.  Maybe I should start selling them on my Old Sole website...hey, that's an idea.  Anyway back to how I went from my earlier mourning into my current mourning... I finally found another brand of mascara that I was able to ease into, as I knew I had to give up the ghost of CG mascara sometime.  I've used it for the past year and now, without even a thought for how devastated I would be yet again, it's gone too.  There ought to be a website or some other place to go to 'register' products you use that you cannot live without.  And, then, when a manufacturer is considering discontinuing it, they have to go to that list, collect all the names and notify everyone who has registered that product one year prior to it's demise.  That way, after all the counseling I have to go through, I know I have one year to travel the world over and buy up all of that product I can find left on the shelves....maybe even order a few cases of it for safe keeping.  I realize I would be in competition with all of the rest of the people who had registered their addiction to the product, but at least I'd have a fair shot at it.  Someone either comes up with that 'clearing house' or I'm gonna have to start going every week to Walmart, Target, Belk, Cavenders, Dillards, J. Jill, and every other store I ever shop for anything in and see if there are markdowns for any of my favorite products that might signal they are being discontinued!  How else is a girl to know a thing like that?  You will noticed that I have not mentioned what brand I had finally settled on...there's a reason for that.  Right now, I'm scouring the world for all of the remaining product left on the shelves and online so I can buy up a large quantity of it before it's $140 on Ebay.  At my age, I'm thinking that about five cases of it might last me until I"m 'discontinued' too.
There are two lessons to be learned from all of this that I see.  The first is the universal lesson that we never know who or what could be gone from our lives tomorrow and we very seldom get a second chance to say how much they mean to us (or in this case, to buy up enough of it to last the rest of our lives).  So, make sure you tell the people in your life that are important to you how much you love them every chance you get. 
The second lesson is that there are some very special things in life that become even more precious when they are gone.  Cover Girl Marathon mascara may be one of them, but vintage cowboy boots are certainly another.   If you need more convincing than just my word on it, pick up Jennifer June's amazing book, "Cowboy Boots, The Art of the Sole" and flip to the vintage cowboy boots section.  The entire book will have you mesmerized with the rich history and stunning photographs, but linger awhile over the vintage boots by Stewart Romero, Olsen-Stelzer Boot Company, Acme, Abraham Rios and Lee Miller, Texas Traditions.  If you didn't understand where my love of vintage cowboy boots came from before now, you surely will after you spend some time with this very special book. 











The Princess in our Kingdom

Normally, words fly out of my mouth or off my fingertips in a frenzy...give me a cause or an audience and you can't hold me back.  But the birth of my beautiful new granddaughter Lucy has, in many ways, left me speechless.  Every time I sit down to write about her birth, it seems I am overcome with emotion.  I wanted to write this blog the day she was born, but my thoughts would most likely not have made any sense then.  And even now, nearly two months later, the right words still escape me.

Lucy was born on December 3, 2012 at 1:08 pm, weighing in at 6 lbs 10 ozs.  I arrived the previous day, as my daughter was being admitted to the hospital that evening with the anticipation of Lucy's arrival the next day.  Since she was taking her own sweet time getting here, the doctor was going to give her the 'hurry up' on the 3rd.  My son arrived the same day, so he and I were going to be babysitting the house and Murphy overnight that night.  Murphy is the kids' first 'child' and one of my 'granddogs' , a very cute furry little guy who had no earthly idea how his world was about to change too.  If I said I could hardly sleep that night, I would be totally minimizing how excited I was for Lucy to get here.  Next morning, my son and I hurried to the hospital, wanting to see my daughter and son in law before things got too busy there that we wouldn't be able to share a few of their last moments before becoming parents.  I knew it would just kill me to see my daughter in a lot of pain during labor, so I had been praying for it to be short and for Lucy to take mercy on her Mom and not drag it out too long.  Things had already been placed in motion when we got there, but we had several hours to spend with the kids and my son-in-law's parents.  You don't get to pick your inlaws in life, but sometimes the ones who are picked for you are just the best you could ever hope for.  That's the way we feel.  My daughter most likely got tired of us all looking at the monitor and telling her when her labor pains were coming and going and how bad they she didn't know herself!...but she was really nice to us about it anyway.  As my daughter works at the hospital, she had many 'visitors' throughout the morning and it seemed she got waited on hand and foot!  When lunchtime came and no Lucy yet, my son and I decided to go across the street to Panera and grab a bite to eat.  When we got back, Andy's parents would take their turn.  Talk at lunch was about nothing but little Lucy, of course, and we hurried back to the hospital, hoping she was finally getting ready for her entrance.  As I stood in the parking garage waiting on my son to park the car, I looked at my phone and was amazed to see a message from my son in law that had been left at 12:56 pm saying "Get back now!"  Oh, first thought was that something was terribly wrong and my heart started pounding so loudly I could hear it in my ears.  I grabbed my son and we ran for the elevator.  When the doors opened on the  maternity floor, I saw Andy's parents sitting in the waiting room leisurely reading and I blurted out 'What happenned?".  They were as surprised as I when they looked at their own phone and had a like message there also...bad cell phone coverage had kept all of us from knowing there was something we needed to rush back for 20 minutes earlier!  We ran to their room, knocked and started in the door when someone called out "Wait a minute"....but I already had the door open wide enough to see past the curtain and into the room.  I will never in my life forget the scene....a large number of medical professionals all scurrying around one very special litle girl and her parents beaming in the background.  And her crying....I will never forget that little sound.  All the sudden, the bottom dropped out and all I could think was that she was here...finally...she was here.  There are no words really to explain how I felt the first time I held her....but at that moment, I know my heart was jump-started into a life long love affair.

Now, looking back on that day, I have more perspective.  And I ask myself...."How unbelievably easy was that?  All I had to do was go to Panera to catch a bite to eat for about 45 minutes and when I got back, my granddaughter was there!!"  What a breeze!  No, seriously, I have had time to reflect and it has come to me that little Lucy is like a custom pair of cowboy boots.   (You knew something about boots was coming, so don't act so surprised!)  Stay with me here a minute....Obviously, her parents didn't 'buy off the rack', they instead chose to craft a unbelievably beautiful pair of 'custom boots'.  She has the finest skin, the most devilish eyes,  a captivating smile, a heavenly little nose, tiny little intricate ears, amazing little fingers and toes, and a delightful personality all her own.  Doesn't that bring to mind a beautiful pair of custom made Rocketbuster boots?  Think about it....the finest leather, the devilish stitching, the captivating toe bug, the heavenly foxing, the intricate inlays and overlays, the amazing collar and the delightful combination of it all.  I don't know about you, but I see some very distinct similarities there!  My only hesitation in sharing that with you is that I know someday, my daughter and her husband will tell her that her Grandmother compared her to a pair of custom made Rocketbuster boots.  Once she gets to know me though, she'll understand how much that means I love her!

And love her, I do....she is the light of my life.  She is now a part of the air that I breathe....she is the Princess in our kingdom.  Little Lucy....



Princess lucy smallerRocketbuster peacock








Parenthood... just takes your breath away sometimes

Today, I am so reminded of the quote "To have a child is to decide forever to let your heart go walking around outside your body". I first saw that on a poster almost 25 yrs ago when I was sitting in a darkened gymnasium at Wanamaker Elementary School in Topeka, waiting on my kindergarten and first grader's Christmas program to start. I scribbled it down on a scrap of paper in my purse and now that scrap hangs on the bulletin board in my office. It's so true.

Last night, a friend posted on Facebook asking for prayers for her son who is going through some very difficult things right gave me goosebumps, remembering my own times of worry for my children. Does that ever end? Never. I laid awake last night thinking about so many other parents I know right whose son's wife has been diagnosed with brain cancer, one who is raising her grandchildren because her own daughter is in jail for drugs for several years, a father whose son just got his driver's license and first job, a couple who have taken their kids in because of financial difficulties, a woman whose son has advanced leukemia, parents whose son is graduating from college this semester and will become a doctor, a mother who has two children in the military right now and both are in war zones, parents who have moved in with their children, a couple whose son is in his third attempt at rehab and faces alot of jail time afterwards....there is nothing easy about being a parent. If anyone ever told you there was, they lied. It is full of rewards and heartaches, watching your children go through things you would not wish on your own worst enemy, let alone a child you held in your arms and cradled when he or she had a fever or cheered on when they rode their bike down the street for the first time without training wheels. There are so many times you beam with pride and so many times your heart is just crushed. But who of us would trade a single minute of watching our children grow and sharing their lives, good or bad, happy or sad, in triumph and in sorrow. I have to think about my daughter and her wonderful husband, awaiting the birth of their first child any day now...they have so much to look forward to. So much joy they cannot even imagine it yet. So many adventures, so many trials. I am so happy for them...I worry about the world my little granddaughter will grow up in, but I know she will be surrounded with people who love her and who have dreamed huge dreams for her already.  There's no real way to tell someone what it will be like to be a just have to live it. I say a prayer every day and thank God for the gift of my children.

"To have a child is to decide forever to let your heart go walking around outside your body."...what a ride!
                                                                                                                                     IMG 2428 - Copy

Meet me underneath the Oklahoma Sky!!


Last Friday after work,  I jumped in the car and headed straight across the Oklahoma border to meet a very special friend for the weekend in Oklahoma City.  Wow, if I had scripted it, it couldn't have been better!   (Last time I made a mad dash through Oklahoma, I got up to the un-manned toll booth and didn't have exact I threw everything in my coin purse, along with everything I found under the driver's seat, into the bin and put my foot to the floor and ran.  It appears the wayward bobby pin clogged up the machine and it was still going up and down in a frenzy when I came back through the other side several hours later!  I'm still waiting on them to come arrest me for that one!!)  But, as I was saying, this trip was absolutely the 'bestest'!! 

Friday night, Lucky and I had dinner at the Iguana Mexican Grill on 9th of his favorite restaurants from years gone by, but my first time there.  It was absolutely perfect and the hype leading up to it was not off base.  Loved the atmosphere, the food was sensational and the company was so worth the wait.    

On Saturday morning, we headed out the door to Guthrie....I wasn't blindfolded, but it was a total surprise to me where we ended up.  I had never been there before and had no idea the history surrounding the city.  Guthrie was the territorial and later the first state capital for Oklahoma. The Guthrie Historical District has been designated a National Historic Landmark and is full of an outstanding collection of late nineteenth and early twentieth-century commerical architecture.  Guthrie originated in 1887 as an old railroad station and the depot is still there.  The plaque in front of it indicates that one of the routes that came in and went out of the ATSF station was from Arkansas City, Kansas.  My Grandpa was an engineer for ATSF and went from Emporia to Arkansas City all the time.....I had to wonder if he ever took someone else's route and drove on to Guthrie and into this beautiful old depot...there's a whole other family mystery that I could tell about that, but that's for another time....remind me! 

There are two very special things about the day that stand out and are forever etched in my memory.  The first is this....Lucky and I both love antiquing and 'junkin'.  So, I came up with the idea that we each have $10 to spend on the other one while we are exploring....that means $10 that we use to purchase something that we think the other one will really love as a souvenier from the trip together.  Could be something from an antique mall, a Quick Shop, doesn't matter.....but it's the new tradition.  Lucky's take home was a Gene Autry 8 track tape and an old wild rag from the 1889 land rush.  Mine, and I can't tell you how much I LOVE It, was the most beautiful old suitcase you can imagine!  I have been wanting one to make a coffee table out of, but I'm not sure I can let this one be subjected to all the poking and prodding it would take.....this one if my baby now!  So special!!

The other amazing thing about the day was this... As we were driving the streets downtown, I saw a sign hanging on a building down the street ahead of us and said, "Hey, wait, is that a BOOT on that sign??????".  Lucky said, 'You know, I think it is" and he pulled on down the block and right up to the curb in front of the sign.  You will never know how excited I was when I looked at the sign over the door of the building...."Dorwart Cowboy Boots".  Ray is an exceptional bootmaker and here I was right in front of Ray Dorwart's shop!!  I did all but jump up and down.....wait, actually, I DID jump up and down....Lucky got quite a kick out of my reaction, I think, and then started taking pictures through the window for me of all the boots in different stages of being made, rows of lasts, old pictures and western memorabilia, vintage boots and bolts of colorful leather....I gotta tell you, I know I drooled on the windows, but I couldn't help myself!  The shop was closed, though a sign on the door indicated that he opens on Saturdays with prior appointments.  The next time I am in Guthrie, I know I will have an appointment made to meet Ray in person and to tour his awesome just exudes history and even through the door, I could imagine that I smelled the leather.  I was just in seventh heaven standing there on the street...I can only imagine that my heart will stop when I actually get to be inside this amazing shop and meet Ray Dorwart in person!  (Oh, and did I mention here's what Ray says on his webpage....."Store bought boots are like canned biscuits - they are easily obtainable and will satisfy the customer's immediate needs. Our boots take a while longer to reach you because they are made like a Winchester '73- each one a little better than the one before."   Makes me want to meet him even more!!)

There is a popular saying, "Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."  About a year before my Mother passed away, my cousin sent her a little sign for her room with those words. The sign is still hanging there today.  I think she knew that was true her whole life.  Me....I'm a bit slower to come around sometimes....and I didn't really learn the truth in that until these last few years of my life. Sometimes, we are blessed even further and there are many, many moments like that strung together.  For all the reasons I mentioned, and for so many more that I have not, last weekend was one of those times.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Thinking about it now can still take my breath know.




 Dorwart sign ok guthrie kylie looking in dorwartok guthrie dorwart boots11




Let's talk about me and my addiction to magazines...

"Hello, my name is Kyle and I'm a magazine-aholic" already knew I was a boot-aholic, but you probalby didn't know I am also a magazine-aholic.  Not of the junky magazine...the cool ones.  LIke Mary Janes Farm, Vintage Style, Cowboys and Indians, Do It Yourself, Cowgirl, Romantic Country, Oklahoma Today, Western Horseman, Country Living, Fresh Cottage, Flea Market name only a few.  I can sit for hours just looking through magazines, both old and new, just dreaming and scheming.  I fold down the corners of the pages that show projects I'd love to tackle, clothes and accessories I want to wear, recipes I'd love to make, quotes I want to copy, websites I plan to look up and businesses I want to research.  The racks and piles of magazines in my houses are evidence of my addiction.  Thank goodness, last time I checked, it wasn't against the law, bad for your health, hazardous to your relationships and you couldn't gain weight from wiling away the hours looking through magazines. 

I  thought it would be fun to share with you some of the 'fold downs' in my latest magazines and I'd love to hear your comments on my choices. 

Vintage Style has a feature article called "Home on the Range", which is all about one of my new passions...Sisters on the Fly!  Loved seeing pictures of some of their vintage trailers, darling interior decorating ideas with a western flair and even a recipe for Sinfully Simple Fruit Cobbler.  I personally know some of the ladies and their trailers that are featured becasue I am one of the over 3,000 Sisters in the SOTF group.  Our mottor is "We have more fun than anyone"...and we do!

In Mary Jane's Farm, I loved City Farmgirl, Rebekah Teal's column about grit.  "Moxie, tough, spunky, 'don't mess with me' true grit".  When you look up 'spunky' in the dictionary, be prepared to see her picture there!  If you haven't picked up one of Mary Jane's magazines, I think you will be pleasantly is appropriately deemed the The Everyday Organic Lifestyle Magazine.  With stories of raising chickens, repurposing old baking sheets into message boards, braiding garlic, glamping (which, if you have been buried under a rock for the past few years and haven't heard, is glamour camping), organic cotton and awesome recipes, her magazine will definitely be one to keep....I believe in recycling, but you won't want to pass this one on!






 Dorwart sign ok guthrie kylie looking in dorwartok guthrie dorwart boots11




Andrea Glenn and The Rusty Rose pay Old Sole a visit!!


I was in Wichita Falls, Texas doing a trade show when Kyle asked me to guest blog.  I was flattered as I read her message quickly off my phone.  Technology is a great thing; you can almost run a business off your phone some days.  My life is a whirl wind of unpacking and packing right now, as I’m on the go constantly.

I’m Andrea, owner of The Rusty Rose Boutique in Plainview, Texas.  I started out doing shows with my trailer that I converted into a little store on wheels. I would go almost anywhere you could imagine to do a show, and it worked out perfect for me to do on the weekends while I still had my full time job.  My business really took off and I was having a hard time juggling everything.  In the back of my mind, I had a plan filled with short and long term goals, and things just happened a lot quicker than I expected.  Long story short, I went for it and opened my store a year ago this September.

My motto is to “make heads turn”.  I try to always keep that in mind when I buy at market or put outfits together for our customers.  I don’t limit the store to one style or trend and try to carry a little of everything for our customers, in all price points.  We get new things in weekly and I try to keep shopping with us fun.  

On a personal style note, I LOVE fashion.  I realize that a lot of girls say that, but I truly do.  Every since I was young, I have loved to put outfits together that would make you stand out and be different.  During college, I would go to thrift stores to shop for clothes.  The joys of being a poor college kid!  I still get a thrill when someone compliments me on a blouse that I spent $2 on.  I love high fashion and designer lines, but have no shame doing a little bargain shopping and mixing and matching.  I always have, and always will, love turquoise and I always have, and always will, wear cowboy boots!  I absolutely love mixing cowboy boots with a modern look.

I still do shows at least once a month, and we're constantly working on making our online store better to help with are growing business.  I spend every day trying to grow, get better and bigger and make our customers look fabulous!

Don’t wait for the trends, set the trends.  XOXO Andrea


*****QUICK PERSONAL NOTE FROM ME....I feel so blessed to have met Andrea when I was just getting ready to start my business!  She has graciously given me advice, encouragement and fashion ideas since the very first time we talked!  If you find yourself in Plainview, Tx, be sure to stop in her store at 2302 W. 5th.  But, if you can't make a road trip this weekend, you can enjoy the fashion extravaganza (I love that word!!) at her online store right now!  Check out the beautiful pictures below....these are all of Andrea!  I fell in love with the hat she is wearing in the middle picture and tried to talk her out of it, as many others have done too.  She made it herself from a hat that had been her husband's...don't you just love it???!!!!  Thank you, Andrea, for your inspirations and your support!! See you at Petticoats on the Praire in Colorado City, TX on October 19-20, 2012, my friend!


 Rusty Rose 7 Andrea in her hatRusty Rose 6




The Princess and her Grandmother

I think I've announced this to almost everyone in this part of the world, but if you've been hiding under a rock somewhere and missed it, let me share the wonderful news with you now....I'm going to be a grandmother!!  I'm going to have a beautiful, intelligent, funny, compassionate, 'attitude infused' little granddaughter in the next few months and I'm over the moon excited about it!

My oldest daughter and her husband are making plans every day, anxiously awaiting the day their little girl makes her entrance onto the scene and into all of our hearts.   I know they will be wonderful parents, of that, I have no doubt.  My daughter has been preparing for this her whole life, though she probably doesn't even realize it.  From the day she was born, she was helping raise me.  I was only 18 when she was born (hard to believe since I'm only 35 now!!) and I can honestly say I knew nothing at all about being a mother.  She wasn't raised by wolves, but she was raised by a very ill-prepared  young mother who looked to her for strength and guidance as much or more than she ever looked to me for those things.  When she was eight, her brother arrived...and one year later, her sister followed.  From day one, she was more than their sister....she was their other mother.  She was the more patient mother...the one who listened more closely....the one who gave them more credit and praise than I did sometimes.  She doled out understanding, but always held then accountable.  She was, and is, their best friend, just as she is mine.  This may be the first child for she and her husband, but she's had years of mothering experience already.   I know there are days she will be worried, days she will be frustrated or apprehensive, days she will look at the clock and realize it is 6:00 at night and her hair is still unbrushed, she is still wearing vomit on her shoulder and she forgot to thaw anything out for dinner.  But those are all  things every new Mother experiences and I feel certain she and her wonderful husband will go through them together with laughter and occasional tears. 

I sit and think alot now about what kind of Grandmother I will be to The Princess.  And I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I'm destined to be the Grandmother with the 'big hair' and 23 bottles of fingernail polish for Saturday afternoon manicures together, the closet full of petticoats/jewelry/high heels that we can play dress up in (wonder which one of us will like it more), the purse full of 'illegally" smuggled in Scor candy bars and soft cherry licorice at the movies (they never have this cool of candy at the movies!!), the "pretend" microphone in the console of the car so we can turn the radio up and sing when we are on road trips together (hope she likes George Strait and Lee Brice!) , the little vintage trailer in the backyard where we can wear tutus and tiaras while we have tea partie,s and the 100 cookbooks (yes, 100) that we can look through together and plan what 'us big girls' want to make to eat today (might be french toast, root beer floats and hot fudge sundaes, but Mom and Dad don't have to know).  And, I'll likely be the Grandmother in the peacock leggings on the sidelines at her first Play Day at school, the Grandmother in a leopard print dress on the front row at her first school Christmas Program, the Grandmother in the stands yelling the loudest in my Junk Gypsy tshirt at her first T-ball game, and the Grandmother wearing a pair of green lizard cowboy boots at her first dance recital.  And, there is NO doubt I"ll be the Grandmother buying her the cutest little cowboy boots any little Princess ever had!  Kinda thinking we'd look good in these 'matching' boots...what do you think?



                                26530335                            Animal print boots




The Beauty of Sisters

Today, more than any other day I can remember, I thank God for my Sisters.  I was blessed to have been born with three sisters...Robyn, Kim and Kris....all my heroes from day one.  We lost Kris in an accident when she was only five years old and it left a hole in our hearts that will never totally be filled.  In my mind's eye, she will forever be 'Diane Penny, the ballerina' and be making 'cakes, pies and butterscotch'.  I have heard it said that sisters are the most competitive relationship within a family, but that once the sisters are grown, it then becomes the strongest bond.  After all the digging fingernails into my arm, locking me in the bathroom, tree climbing to get away from me, and spelling words in front of me to drive me crazy, Robyn and Kim are now two of my closest friends.  We have cussed together and cried together, laughed until we couldn't even remember what started the whole thing, shared our greatest triumphs and our biggest fears...and at the end of the day, whether they think I'm totally crazy or agree wholeheartedly, I know they'll have my back. When Kim married Jane several years ago, another wonderful sister was added to our family.  If I had been sent out into the world to handpick a sister-in-law, I can tell you I would have grabbed her and come running home fast, all the while looking over my shoulder and shooting at anyone who looked like they wanted to take her from me.  I am so thankful for the richness she has added to our family.

318248 10150953783145854 505115422 n

Then, in 2011, I joined the Sisters on the Fly... and, just like that, I added over 2,500 sisters to my life!  Thank goodness, I didn't have to share one bathroom with all of them when I was growing up!  SOTF is a group of women who, among other things, share an interest in fly flshing, camping in awesome vintage trailers, wearing petticoats and boots (and sometimes they add pajamas into the mix.!), sharing stories around a campfire, raising money for Casting for Life, crafts of all kinds and, yes, even having a drink or two together.  These new sisters of mine are adorable and adventuresome,  bizarre and brave, conspirators and counselors, devious and diva-like, elusive and educational (oh, the things I learned!!!), flagrant and frivilous , gypsy-like  and gut-wrenching, hi-browed and hallucinogenic, irresistable and irreverent, jokesters and 'junksters', kindred spirits and kinky, liberating and lewd, martini drinking and majestic, notorious and naughty, over the top and opinionated, pranksters and petticoat wearers, questionable and queen-like, reliable and razor sharp, sarcastic and sadistic, tantilizing and terrifying, unbelievable and unruly, vibrant and versatile, worrisome and WAY out there, xtra special and xtra ordinary, young minded and yearning, zebra-print-wearing and zip lining.  They are amazing!!   I just got back from camping with about 90 of them in Branson a few weeks ago and it was so much fun meeting new sisters from all over the country and learning a whole passle of new bad habits.  If I told you about those in detail, I'm afraid I'd have to kill I won't.  But trust me, being in the Sisters on the Fly is like having a slumber party every day for the rest of your life...and wearing a petticoat and cute cowboy boots while you are doing it!  The fun never ends!

In conclusion, I think Barbara Alpert may have said it best......“Sister. She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. Some days, she's the reason you wish you were an only child.”   I agree with everything Barbara said, except the part about ever wishing I was an only child. 



Sin on Wheels!!

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Put something in, put something else in, take something out, shift things around, check my list, throw my hands up, I need a volunteer!......this is me this morning, trying to pack my bags for a Sisters on the Fly "soiree" this next week.  Now the dictionary says a soiree is "a party or reception held in the evening"....let me tell you something, these ladies will be partying from the crack of dawn until way past midnight every night!  Though you usually think of partying being just alot of drinking (or so we did when we were younger), that is only part of the week long activities that are planned for the annual Giddy Up event in Branson, Missouri.  Zip lining, fly fishing and fly tying classes, loads of shopping, cigar smoking, swap meets, story telling, martini drinking, a trip to Eureka Springs for the Blues Festival and our own private concert by the Cates Brothers ( them!!), dutch oven cooking demonstrations, a night on the Branson Belle, bingo, block party with a band, and the ever exciting VINTAGE TRAILER TOUR!!  These trailers have been painstakingly restored and then stamped with the personality of each of their owners.  Honestly, I'd make the trip just for the tour!

If you aren't familiar with the Sisters on the Fly group, oh boy, have you missed something!!  Hurry, run over to their website at Sisters on the Fly right now!  I'll let the website speak mostly for itself, but I will share three things about them....their motto is "We have more fun than anyone" (and I can attest to that!)...there are only a few rules (1.  No men, 2.  Be nice, 3. No kids or pets...though my daughter is a member and will be coming with me too!) and these ladies love to run around in boots and petticoats (I call mine a tutu, cuz I'm a city girl turned country).  A girl like me who is a bootaholic and also loves to dress up...once I heard about it, I was in!!  Just call me Sister 2012...yes, there are over 2,500 of us!  I don't have my own trailer yet, but I'm gonna.  When I camp with the group now, I stay in a cabin but I get to hang out with the 'big girls' who do and live vicariously through them.  My plan is still the airstream for Old Sole Boot Company, so I'm still trying to figure out how to combine being able to sell out of it and also camp in it.  But, the campers these ladies have are phenominal...make sure you check out the pictures in the gallery section of the Sisters on the Fly'll fall in love with all of them, just like I did!

Well, I better get back to my packing cuz it isn't getting done on it's own.  Oh, and the volunteer I was looking for will be sitting on my suitcases so I can shut them......tutus take up alot of room, let me tell ya!

Stay tuned for details of my SOTF adventure...I might even leave in the sinful details!


No trade, Lady Gaga!!

Fifteen handsome men made breakfast for me this, they didn't serve it to me in bed, but it was the next best thing!  My son is a fire fighter with the Hickory Creek Volunteer Fire Department in Lowell, Arkansas and today was their annual pancake feed.  What a way to start out my day.....pancakes soaked in butter and syrup, bacon and sausage, coffee and so many big strong handsome men to wait on me hand and foot!  I was in heaven, let me tell you!

On my way home, I stopped off at Cavender's Western Outfitters in Springdale to....can you guess?...look at their boots.  (You got it, you know me well!).  They have a great variety of boots in Lucchese, Anderson Bean, Ariat, Justin, Tony Lama, Corral and many other brands.  I had hoped to be able to try on a pair of the new Gypsy Soule boots by Ariat, but they don't carry them now.  So, instead, I tried on a pair of the new Anderson Bean patchwork boots.  I LOVE patchwork on boots and these are really pretty, but I think I'll hold out for a pair of full patchwork, not only on the foot.  I'd actually love a pair of the Rod Patrick patchwork boots in the turquoise and brown or the blue and brown combination.  Really nice boots.  While picking up and trying on boots there, something struck me though....I still like the look and feel of a pair of broken in boots better than a brand new pair.  I not only like  the feel of the worn leather, but I like the history that goes with them.  If it's not your own history and memories that you have to associate with your boots, make up a history!!  When you buy a pair of vintage boots at Old Sole Boot Company, we can create a history to go with them, or you can do it yourself....whatever it is, make it grand, make it special and make it yours!                                                  100 2714                      Lady Gaga boots

And, last but not least, I spent some time online this afternoon and came across an article about Lady Gaga and the boots that Tony Lama custom made for her.  So many bootmakers are getting in the game of designing boots for famous people and who can blame them....but Lady Gaga?? It was like a trainwreck...I couldn't help myself, I just had to peek and see what they looked like.  The pictures you see here are a pair of my own personal Tony Lama boots and the boots that Tony made for 'The Gaga'.  I know that I've been known to wear some pretty crazy fun cowboy boots, but I have no interest at all in the ones made specially for her.  In fact, if she ever saw my pair, I bet she'd be trying to get me to trade!!  Can you guess whose boots are whose?




I'm an 'Excess Lover', not a hoarder!

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Am I a hoarder?  Well, I've been called one,  mostly by my children though.  The definition of hoarding,  per Wikipedia, is 'the gathering and storing of goods'.  For heaven's sake, with that definition, you could call a squirrel a hoarder for gathering nuts! Just because I collect blue and green colored glass and have it all over my kitchen, just because I have a large collection of old tarnished silverware and fiesta dishes of all colors displayed in my dining room, just because my shelves are tightly packed with books (inspirational, self-help, gardening, decorating, Michael Connelly novels, etc.....oh, and there might be some under my bed too!), just because I have counters covered with necklaces/bracelets/earrings, just because my house is filled with pictures of my wonderfully photogenic family, just because my closets are overflowing with an insane number of boots and tutus in every color (my Sisters in Sisters on the Fly call them 'petticoats'), just because I might have every old issue of Fleamarket Style/Country Living/Cowboys and Indians/Big Style/Country Home/ and other totally cool magazines, just because my extra bedroom is filled to the brim with beautiful tooled purses/cowboy hats/western shirts/western books, just because I have more cookbooks than is probably legal, just because.....just because....just because.  What is wrong with all of that?  This stuff is priceless!

The harm, I think, comes when you are a 'compulsive hoarder'.  Compulsive hoarding is what reality TV shows love to shock and disgust us with.  It is defined as 'a pattern of behavior that is characterized by the excessive acquisition and inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that would seemingly qualify as useless or without value".  Well, then, I think that settles it....I am NOT a compulsive stuff is NOT useless or without value!  My stuff is priceless!!  I am not a compulsive hoarder, I am simply and wonderfully an 'Excess Lover" and I'm proud of it. 

P.S.  Lynn Atkins,a reporter with our local newspaper, the Weekly Vista, interviewed me several weeks ago and wrote a really nice article about Old Sole Boots.  This picture is courtesy of the paper....thanks, Lynn!

Robyn, Crystal Bridges and my Darling "Plastic Python" Boots

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Today is my oldest sister's birthday.  I won't tell you how old Robyn is, but suffice to say you would think me a liar if I did and then you later met her.  She looks ten years younger than her chronological age and is a true classic beauty. 

To celebrate, we (my sister, my Father, my youngest daughter and I) went to the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas.  If you have not heard of this world class museum of American art, founded by Alice Walton (the daughter of Sam Walton, founder of Walmart), then you have surely not picked up a newspaper or turned on your television set in the past year. To quote an article in the Washington Post,  it is the "most-talked-about new museum in the United States in a generation".  To quote me, "It is absolutely fabulousl!"  After viewing an exhibit that will be leaving the museum shortly, we headed downtown to have dinner at Table Mesa Bistro. It was a beautiful night and we were able to get a table outside to eat.  The food was just delicious, as was the company I got to keep.  

True to form, I wore a pair of boots.  To be more specific, I wore what I call my "Plastic Python" boots.  They are not plastic, nor are they real python....they are leather, but the leather has been crafted and painted to look and feel  like python scales.  The toes have a very exaggerated point and they do draw stares whenever I wear them.  While waiting for our table at dinner, a beautiful young woman complimented me on my boots.  That opened up a conversation about my new business and, of course, I gave her a card.  Turns out, her name is Stacy and she works at Charming Charlie, a fun fashion accessory boutique where I almost overdosed one afternoon on cool jewelry.   My sister insisted I pull a copy of a newspaper article written this week about Old Sole Boots out of my purse and show it to her.  Oh, no, gotta love her!!!  We all got a laugh out of that one!   Don't I love my family!!!

Let's add this classic beauty sister, an absolutely fabulous museum, a delicious meal with my priceless family, my "plastic python" boots and a new friend....yep, I'd say I'm a pretty lucky girl!








"The Pioneer Woman"'s iced coffee and Cowgirl Magazine!

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Last night, I decided to start cold dripping some coffee to make The Pioneer Woman's much talked about iced coffee recipe.  I could hardly sleep cuz I was so anxious to try it!   After cleaning up the mess it made this morning (she openly admits this happens in her new cookbook just out, "The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Food From My Frontier"), I mixed my first glass.  It's heaven, pure heaven!  Defnitely worth the time and effort, as well. as lost sleep!   I'm on my second glass now and I'm not sure this is my last one for the morning yet!

Have you see the new March/April 2012 issue of Cowgirl Magazine?  When I sat down with it, I felt like a kid looking at the old Sears catalog at Christmas time.  I wanted everything in it!  Not only did they feature stunning southwest jewelry by Darryl Becenti, a to-die-for Virgin of Guadalupe skirt by Roja and an embroidered bustier top by Mara Hoffman, but they premiered "Boots in Bloom" that just made my heart pound! Front and center was the new Indian Sugar Soule boot by Ariat and Gypsy Soule ($499.95)....totally rock 'n roll!  With the Ariat folks' boot know-how and the Gypsy Soule girls insight into fashion and attitude, these are just over the top cool.  My feet love the feel of a great pair of vintage boots, but I'm going to start saving my pennies cuz I doubt you will see these boots re-sold anytime soon!  I have 'equal opportunity' feet! 

In the Western Fashion Designer Insider column of the Cowgirl Magazine, designer Marrika Nakk said the #1 fashion item to update your look this spring is a pair of cowboy boots..."new ones, old ones or sprayed with gold ones"!!  We personally think a great pair of vintage boots, no matter who the bootmaker is, puts you front and center in any crowd.  Take a look around here at Old Sole Boots today....don't have a pair of gold boots, but we do have about every other color of the rainbow.  In fact, just think of us as your vintage Sears catalog! 

Ah oh, my glass is empty again.....



Stuey, our own "Cat in the Hat", makes an appearance

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Remember "The Cat in the Hat" where poor Dick and Sally were stuck in the house on a cold and rainy day with nothing to do???. Then, a giant cat in a hat shows up, transforming the dull day into a madcap adventure and almost wrecking the place in the process! Well, here at Old Sole Boots, we are facing the same thing's cold and rainy and we need some adventure too! So when Stuey, my beautiful orange version of the Cat in the Hat, jumped into my lap, I decided it was time to amp the day up a bit here! The result?? We didn't wreck the place but we did make some major markdowns on some of our most beautiful vintage boots! To check out new red hot deals and share in the crazy adventure with us, always check out the Special Offers page in the SHOP! category.

Here at Old Sole Boots, we think rainy days are just the 'bestest'!



Kyle and Stuey

(And, yes, that's Stuey on the roof of my Dad's shop....he went a little crazy when I finally let him outside!)






Decadent Reward

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I have decided it's time for me to get back into shape.  I lost quite a lot of weight several years ago and then wrecklessly gained it all back, so it's time to get serious.  I signed up at a small work out place...I didn't say a 'gym', because it's actually a physical therapy facility that also allows you to pay and come use their equipment to work out.  No fancy gyms for me...I couldn't take seeing all the cute little men and women in their fashionable workout clothes, looking for all the world like they hadn't eaten in a week.  Not me...I'm goin' where the median age is 75 or 80 and no one's missed a meal in years!!  But, it's got equipment and an actual physical therapist to show me the ropes, so I think I'm good to go.

Headed there the first day, I called my oldest daughter for moral support.  I started the conversation with "My living will is all up to date and you have a copy of it.  Just wanted you to know, cuz I'm on my way to work out."  She got a laugh out of that, of course, then as I knew she would, she offered words of encouragement.  When I told her I was gonna stop at Sonic and get a cherry limeade on my way, she said "Mom, you can't get a cherry limeade!!  You won't even work it off when you work out today!  And you are rewarding yourself before you even work out??"  Wait......what????  I'm headed to a strenuous workout, where I'll sweat and huff and puff, probably even pull five or ten muscles, and I can't have a cherry limeade first???  Do I need to re-think this?  When I think she thought I might falter and change my mind on the whole deal,  she caved and said I could have a DIET cherry limeade instead.  I didn't even know they made them!   (Probably because I never think anything with the word 'diet' in the name will taste good....hence my weight gain!)  So, that's what I did....and it wasn't really that bad even, but I pouted the whole time I drank it.

Well, Josh, the physical therapist/trainer,  got me set up on a routine and I survived the first day of my commitment.  ( I was wondering if a different kind of 'commitment' might not be necessary when I found out no REAL cherry limeades are in my immediate future now!)  When I crawled home, I was proud of myself, I have to admit.  But, then I started thinking about how to reward myself for the hard work (You gotta have a reward for hard work, don't you??)  What I wanted was something soft and creamy, something super sweet, something rich, or something with a little bit of, I went into my closet and looked at my boot collection.  It's all there..... several pair of Lucchesese boots with soft creamy leather , Old Gringo boots that are so rich with beautiful stitching that they are priceless, Tony Lama boots with super sweet extra tall lime green shafts, a pair of vintage Acme boots with thunderbird inlays that can kick $ was all there...right in my closet.  A big piece of bread pudding with bourbon sauce couldn't have been better and my boots don't cost me any calories!!



The Handsome Grey Haired Man Who Holds My Heart


I suppose I should clarify that....he doesn't really have grey hair, he has grey fur.  And his name is Jasper.  Jasper is a feral cat that I have been feeding for the past four years on the deck of my Father's shop. After getting to know him, I think he is what you would call an 'old soul'....and like the boots we sell here at Old Sole Boots, I feel certain he has a colorful past.  The term 'feral' gives way to several different definitions...he does not fit the 'ferociuos or brutal' part of the definition, but more the 'not domesticated or cultivated, wild" part. 

In the beginning, he appeared only for breakfast about 5:30-6:00 am each morning.  Then, he began coming back for dinner in the late afternoon.  In the past couple years, he started showing up at other times throughout the day and sunning himself on the deck until it was feeding time.  Jasper has disappeared several different times for a few days at a time, but always returns with no explanatination of where he has been.  For his part, he never speaks, though I keep up a running converesation wtih him which always ends with "Have a nice day and I love you."  You see, I fell in love with him almost from day one. 

My Mother passed away on Christmas Day 2010 and I miss her terribly every day.  She was a great cat lover and  always enjoyed watching Jasper out the sliding glass door while she sat at the dining room table.  She knew he was special.   And she knew I had never been able to get close enough to him to even touch him, let alone shower him with all the affection that I wanted to.  A week after she passed away, I went out early to feed him, and for the first time, he came up to the bowl as I was filling it with food.  I held my breath and slowly reached my hand out to touch him.  He looked up at me and then began to eat.  I couldn't help it, the tears just started to flow as I rubbed his neck...somehow, I knew this was my Mother's way of speaking to me, through Jasper.  Though there have only been a few times since then when he let me touch him, an even stronger bond formed between us after that.  

About ten days ago, Jasper appeared looking as though he had been in a fight.  Pretty worse for wear and his ear almost shredded. I knew getting him to a vet was not possible, as I'd tried to catch him in the past and he would have no part of it.  As several days passed, he looked worse and worse...surely an infection had set in at this point.  It just broke my heart and I tried to spend as much time being near him as I could.  And then, he was gone.  I felt certain this time he would not return.  I knew I should feel it was for the best if he was suffering and in alot of pain, but my heart just ached and alot of tears were shed. 

Then, three days later, Jasper quietly reappeared....again, no explanation, not looking much better but not looking any worse.  Someway, somehow, my old friend had once again made his way back.  Back to this place where he is loved.  Back to this place where he matters.  Back to this place he is home. 


Amanda with Grace Boutique visits Old Sole Boots...How Exciting!!

Grace BoutiqueHello to all of you boot wearin',two steppin', vintage lovin' ladies and gents! My name is Amanda Glazner and I am the owner of Grace Boutique in Nacogdoches, TX! Kyle and I met under very unique circumstances. Very unique indeed! It was roughly 1:00 AM this past summer and I received a message from her! We were both starting new businesses and she found my shop by happy accident! We have been inseparable via cyber-space ever since. We tended to have panic attacks about our new adventures in the middle of the night and would exchange advice and breathing techniques to get us through the beginning stages [;)]

Kyle has asked me to give you a bit of background on GB as well as my take on "style." Grace Boutique has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl and it quite literally fell into my lap! I had graduated from TExas A&M (Whoop!) In Dec. of 2010 and went to work for a Agriculture Marketing and PR firm in Dallas. Let's just say after exactly 32 days, I learned everything that I DIDN'T want in a job, and tail tucked between my legs came crawling back to my tiny little hometown of Weches, TX. After giving myself 24 hours to wallow, i dug out the Grace Boutique business plan and headed off to the bank (one or two mishaps later!) I went to work July 14th and 5 months later, here I am! I knew I wanted GB to be southern in every sense of the word. It had to be girly and vintage, and above all classy. Every single piece of clothing and jewelry I find must meet all of those requirements! Coincidentally, my definition of style are all the things we just talked about! Style is being classy and knowing how to carry yourself. It is HOW you wear something, not WHAT you're wearing. Mix in a little Texas flair (my favorite currently being maxi dresses and vintage boots) and you have yourself the perfect formula. It's all about Class and Confidence ya'll.

I would be honored if all of you would head on over to our FB page   Grace Boutique facebook page  and check us out!

Live Gracefully,

Amanda Grace

Here's how my Tuesday rolled....

263386 2237089654884 1477281368 3168653 3459199 aThere I was, heading out the back door of my part time job, humming a little song that had been running through my head all day and wearing a cute little pair of orange Liberty boots....and then I saw it.....a dent on the back driver's side of my car.  Really????  No way!!  (I knew it hadn't been there earlier because I had been to the body shop the previous afternoon to have an estimate for a little accident I'd been in on New Year's Eve day and they had taken pictures of all sides of my car and I'd been no place since.)  Knowing that we have about a zillion security cameras around the store, I ran back inside to see if one of them might have captured a picture of the culprit who hit my car and didn't even leave a note.  But, wouldn't you know it, a camera showed the car next to mine and all the rest down the line, but wasn't able to see my car. Go figure!   Since I didn't want to be late for the medical test I was heading to next, I said a few choice words under my breath and took off out of the parking lot. On the way, I called ahead to advise them I might be a couple minutes late now and was told they didn't show me having an appointment there.   But, they were kind enough to give me the address of an office bearing the same name (which was 10 miles away). GRRRRRR!  I got there, late and still a bit unnerved, just to be told I didn't have an appointment there either....WHAT????  I sat down and called my doctor's office then to ask where the heck they had referred me to for the test.  And, guess what?  I was told the initial place I had called was really the correct place, there had just been just a computer glitch of some kind.  Make that a double GRRRRRRR now!  And, they said I should head back the 10 miles to my appointment, as they had 'kindly agreed to wait on me' are kidding !!  So, I jumped back in the car and hit the road again...not a particularly happy camper now. (At this point, I was trying to remind myself that the quote of the day I had written on the wall at work earlier read something like this..."People are generally as happy as they choose to be."  I had to wonder if that still applied in a case like this!!)   I did eventually make it to the appointment and I did make it home without any more drama.  Thank goodness for small favors!

Oh, and did I mention the medical test I was heading to was my mammogram?????  Yep, that's how my Tuesday rolled!

- Kyle

It's a Junkin4Jewels kind of day!

Junkin4Jewels  and Old Sole BootsLovin' my Junkin4Jewels! was just down right cold today!!  I looked out my window and saw poor Rocket and Buster (you remember them, my two pink flamingos) standing there in the yard, their poor skinny little legs,  knees knocking together in the wind....I felt like such a bad mother!!!  I suppose what they each needed was a nice warm pair of vintage cowboy boots to keep their feet and ankles warm! 

As cold as it was, I just fixed myself another cup of what I call 'white trash Barbie tea' (that's code for Lipton instant tea, NOT decaf, hot, with lots of sugar in it) and then I sat down at the computer to upload more great boots to the Old Sole Boots site.  It was so much fun!!  Every time I write the description and upload the pictures of another pair of boots, I just fall in love with them all over again.  I suppose that's why my kids told me I either needed to start selling them or I needed to get into a treatment program....obviously, I opted for selling them!

Just because, I wore one of my favorite shirts today...a cute little tie dye t-shirt from Junkin4Jewels.  Ever heard of them?  They are a wonderful little boutique, run by Lisa Patterson, that has a great selection of unique clothing, purses, belts and other fun, fun 'junk'.  I'm, personally, rather addicted to their jewelry!  Check them out on Facebook at Be sure and take a look at their photo section for just a little taste of 'junk heaven'!

Stay Original,




Blessings and Beauties

Kyle Cloutier's mother, Pat Carrothers, as a young girlKyle's mother as a young girl. (Click to enlarge.)

June 11, 2011, was a truly magical day that I will never forget. With family and friends surrounding them, my oldest daughter and her fiance were married overlooking the beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the happy couple was just radiant. (It was about 100 degrees outside, so some of the radiance might have been from the extreme heat, but I tend to think it was more from their pure happiness than anything else!) My daughter wore a pearl necklace and bracelet that had belonged to my Mother when she was a child, which made the day just that much more special, My Mother passed away six months prior and would have loved to have been there herself.  Tied around her bouquet, she also carried an old handkerchief of my Father's that had his initials, 'BB', embroidered on it.  In this way, she was able to have both of her grandparents there with her for her special day.

When you click on the 'Vintage Boots' page of our Old Sole Boots website, you will see a picture of my daughter there in her wedding dress, wearing her Grandmother's 'jewels'.  Here, I want to show you a picture of my Mother, wearing those same 'jewels'. Kasha and Mom....two of the most important people in my world.

My cactus addiction

One of the first things I fell in love with when I fell in love with vintage cowboy boots was the ever popular cactus design.  Whether it was on a pair of Lee Miller, Franklin, Pascal, Tex Robin, Little or M. L. Leddy boots...didn't matter...I loved 'em.  And, right then and there, I decided I was gonna have my very own pair of cactus boots!  After months and months of looking, I finally found a pair of distressed Justin boots that I loved and could afford, so I snatched them up.  I was just leafing through the Dec./Jan. issue of American Cowboy magazine tonight and came across a pair of new Twisted X Rough Stock boots with cactus embroidery that are pretty darn sweet!  When I'm ready to feed my cactus addiction again, I'll have to keep them in mind.  In the meantime, these pretty little Justins are this girl's best friend!!

My cactus boots


Missing the "Olden Days"

Fun with girlsLet me preface this by saying two things....first, I know what I'm going to say might be unpopular with many of you AND second, I love my FB, my cell phone (no, I don't have an IPhone cuz I know I would get too frustrated trying to work the darn thing!),my email and anything else that links me with my friends and family.  When the screen suddenly goes dark, my battery goes dead,  connections are lost, or any other technology tragedy strikes, I panic!  But....I also miss the olden days when valuable time spent with others didn't include various interruptions with bird calls, country music ballads, buzzers, and various other sounds our phones make to let us know we have someone else who wants our attention right now. 

I was in a restaurant recently, an upscale bistro that I love, when I looked around at the other tables of diners and had to shake my least 3/4 of the folks were either on their cell phone talking, texting, tweeting, playing games, listening to their iPod, watching a movie, snapping pictures or whatever else their handheld device had to offer.  And, I thought it was sad.  I miss the days when a dinner or shopping engagement meant you got your friend or family member's undivided attention for that special time you were together.  You carved out that time just for them and you weren't interrupted by a ringtone in the middle of sharing your life with that person, let alone them texting to someone while you were crying over a lost love, asking for parenting advice, sharing neighborhood gossip, tossing around new business ideas or talking about your favorite new movie.  When you are talking to someone and their eyes are fixed on their screen and their fingers are tapping away on the keyboard, it just kinda loses something to me.  I miss the eye contact and one-on-one connection that gets lost when there are so many others clamoring for your time. 

I know we are all busy people these days, and modern technology lets us keep in contact with our businesses, our kids, the news, etc 24/7....that's wonderful actually.  But consider time you want to share time with someone, be they either family, friend or even business associate, why not turn off your 'outside connection' and just enjoy the time one-on-one?  Let them know you care enough to make them 'number one', if even for the short time you are sitting there together.    Don't share the time with every one of your FB friends, your whole email contact list, or a reality show....just that person across the table from you. Memorize their smile, re-acquaint yourself with their laughter, just 'drink them in' .....and remember why you wanted to spend some special time with them in the first place.  You can never get those moments back, but you can sure scroll through your emails, posts and tweets when you get back in your car.  (But do it before you turn on the key!!)

Stay original,

Pink Flamingos

Pink flamingo in Kyle's yard.My neighbors may not love me too much, but...

I have a pair of beautiful pink flamingos living among the hostas in my yard — Rocket and Buster — named after an awesome bootmaker whose boots I dream of having on my feet some day... Rocketbuster boots!!!

Old Mama Cass song lyrics:

Nobody can tell ya’
There’s only one song worth singing,
They may try and sell ya’
Cuz it hangs them up to see someone like you,
But you gotta make your own kind of music,
Sing your own special song,
Make your own kind of music
Even if no one else sings along.

That says it pretty well, don't you think? ;-)



Kyle and Rocket Buster.I love beginnings...

At Old Sole Boot Company, each pair of boots you purchase is a new beginning. Vintage cowboy boots are an attitude and a lifestyle—not just a fashion statement. We specialize in vintage and much-loved cowboy boots for men and women, boots that are cool, fashionable, comfortable and fun. We like to call them "boots with a colorful past"!  Though cowboy boots make up the majority of our inventory, we sometimes come across other great boots that we just can't resist and you will find them here too.  We're always on the hunt for classic, chic, unique and distinctive boots to offer our customers.

I believe the style, quality and craftsmanship embodied in a pair of great vintage cowboy boots is something to behold with awe. The amazing intricacy of the stitching patterns, the suprisingly vivid colors of the inlays and overlays, the one of a kind tooling are all a part of what we find totally irresistible about these unique works of wearable art.

Join us in our celebration of great boot-making artisanship by proudly wearing these fantastic vintage cowboy boots!

- Kyle

My Dream Boots

My dream bootsAren't these boots just absolutely to die for??

I found them on the internet many months ago, not in my size (of course), and I didn't buy them....but I wanted to.  My guess is they were custom made for someone with alot of moxy....hmmmm, no wonder I love them! I let them slip through my hands, but someday, I'm gonna have a pair just like them.   I have scads of pictures of what I call my 'dream boots' and these are just one of the many beautiful pairs.  Stay tuned for more of what I call my boot addiction!


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