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About Old Sole Boots

Kyle CloutierIt all comes down to being true to yourself. Be outrageous, authentic and unforgettable you! I have worn a ring for years that says “To Thine Own Self Be True”, which is a famous quote by William Shakespeare. That’s where my passion for vintage boots really comes from—being myself at all times and in all places.

And that's why I started Old Sole Boot Company! I knew I wasn't alone in looking for just the right style to help me shout to the world, "Here I am!"

My ‘bucket list’…

  • Thank Sheryl Crow in person for being the inspiration that started this whole adventure for me
  • Go on a cross country trip in a tricked out old VW bus (Wish you were here to come with me, Mom!!)
  • Get my bottle tree up in the yard and my boot tree!
  • Learn to fly fish with all my new sisters in Sisters on the Fly—I’m sister #2012!!!
  • Learn to two-step... (Funny, I’ve never mastered synchronized swimming either!)
  • Finish the book I’ve started about the wonderful time I got to spend with my Mother
  • Write a bread pudding cookbook
  • Hit the road and attend every PBR event in a whole year
  • Take a vacation specifically geared to finding old Fiesta dishes
  • Design my own pair of boots and then proudly wear them!
  • Spend two weeks leisurely exploring Santa Fe
  • Buy the horse that belongs to it’s already chosen name, Bailey


If you are “looking for your voice”, believe me, Old Sole vintage boots can definitely help you express it!

- Kyle


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